Features & Faq

Free Text and Photo Editor

You can add text to your photos easily online for free.

When you have uploaded a picture to the photo editor

#1 "your text here" appears , just change it to my photo title for example :
text photo
This textarea helps you to change text, add line break, space...
With the slider choose the size you need for your text.

#2 the choice of the font for your text :
text fonts
You need to select text before choosing a font
Two ways to change font : with font preview that show how the font looks like
or directly choose the font list. The font will be automatically applied to selected text.

#3 the text effect you want to apply :
text effects

text background
You can change text color & text color effect.
You can find multiple choices : outline text, shadow, background ....

#4 the other text effects you can use simply :
distortion effect
text distortion rotation effect
text rotation
transparency effect
text transparency 40

Choose one of these options (rotation, transparency and distortion)
to add new cool effects.

#5 to create another text, here is how to make it
create new text
Choose one of these options to add new cool effects.